Available Summer Football Camps

EYFA Tackle Camps hosted by Edmond Santa Fe

Tackle Camp - 1st grade through 4th Grades

6 - 8 pm

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Edmond Santa Fe Stadium

Cost - $30

Tackle Camp - 5th and 6th Grades

6 - 8 pm

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Edmond Santa Fe Stadium

Cost - $30

Players will have a great introduction to the fundamentals of tackling using USA Football Heads Up tackling drills. They will work directly with Edmond Santa Fe High School Coaches as well as EYFA coaches who have been USA Football certified.

*Participants will need a helmet, shoulder pads, jersey and mouthpiece for this camp. They should also bring a labeled water bottle.

If your child plans to play in our fall EYFA tackle league, you can sign up for that here:  https://www.sportabase.com/Registration/Register/3347

Early Bird registration ends on June 10th.

Tackle Camps Registration

Parental Consent

I certify that my child has been examined by a physician and has been found to be in good health and able to compete in all camp activities without restrictions. In addition, I acknowledge that I have medical insurance to cover the cost of any injury or illness that may occur during my child’s participation in this camp. Furthermore, I authorize the staff of Santa Fe Tackle Camp to act for me according to their best judgment in an emergency requiring medical attention. I hereby release Edmond Santa Fe HS Football Program and Edmond Youth Football Association from all claims resulting from any injury my child may sustain while attending camp.

I understand that Edmond Youth Football Association often produces promotional material relating to its programs. I understand that as a participant in the Program, Minor may be included in videotapes or photographs taken during the Program. Therefore, without reservation or limitations, I, in my own behalf and on behalf of the Minor, hereby assign, transfer and grant to Edmond Santa Fe Football Program, Edmond Youth Football Association and Elite Action Media, its successors, assignees, licenses, sponsors, any television networks, and all other commercial exhibitors the exclusive right to photograph and/or videotape the Minor and to utilize such videotapes and photographs and Minor’s name, face likeness, voice and appearance as a part of the Program, in advertising and promoting the Program or in advertising and promoting similar future events at no charge.

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Edmond Santa Fe Summer Camps

EYFA & Santa Fe Youth Camp

EYFA & SF Youth Camp is a fun, high paced camp for anyone in 1st grade - 6th grade interested in playing football.  Players will learn techniques and skills needed to play all positions in football in a fun and competitive environment.  Half the camp will be spent on defense and the other half on offense.  Campers will be split up by grade in order to compete with kids close to their own age.  SF Football coaching staff will teach all campers the fundamentals and technique that our varsity players use in an age appropriate way. 

June 28 & 29

6 - 8 pm, Santa Fe Stadium

Cost - $60

EYFA & Santa Fe Youth Speed & Agility Camp

EYFA & SF Youth Speed & Agility camp is designed for our young wolves in 1st - 6th grade to work speed and agility movements for the month before their season starts.  Movements emphasized will be change of direction, acceleration and deceleration techniques, and sprint mechanics in a fun and competitive atmosphere.  Speed & Agility camp is led by Santa Fe Football coaching staff.  

July 11, 13, 18, 20, 25 & 27

6 - 7 pm, Santa Fe Stadium

Cost - $60

Santa Fe High School Summer Pride

Athletes going into grades 6th through 12th will be expected to work at a high level and demand more from themselves than they

previously thought possible. Technique and quality movement skills will remain a priority, while an emphasis on strength and power development increases. Athletes will be monitored and evaluated throughout the program to ensure quality movement continues as the volume of work performed increases. Fundamental movement skills will always be emphasized throughout our programs, while progressively working towards skills that are needed to meet the demands of their sport. Summer Pride is available for all sports, and athletes at Santa Fe, Summit, & Heartland.  Times and dates are specific to sports and are available on the Santa Fe Camps Page.

June 6 - August 5, Monday - Thursday

Times vary by group

Cost - $150

Edmond Memorial Summer Camps

Our goal is to foster a love of the game with the youth in our community

Edmond Bulldog Youth Football Camp

Campers going into grades K through 8 are coached by the varsity football staff and high school players. Campers will be exposed to offensive and defensive drills, character development, film study, combine-style testing and much more!

June 6 - 9

9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Cost - $150

Summer Pride

Summer Pride focuses on overall strength, speed and agility. Athletes will have a speed session on the field, a strength session in the weight room, and for our 9th grade, and Varsity athletes, a session of football 101 with our Varsity Football Staff.

Monday - Thursday

June 13 - July 28

(no camp the week of July 4)

Youth Summer Pride (Grades K - 5th); 10 - 11 am; Cost - $150

Middle School Summer Pride (Grades 6th - 8th); 9 - 10:30 am; Cost - $150

9th Grade Summer Pride; 8 - 11 am; Cost - $100

High School Summer Pride (Grades 10th - 12th); 7 - 10 am; Cost - $100

Edmond Bulldog Offensive Line Camp

Campers going into grades 5th through 12th are coached by the Bulldog OL Coach Ryan McCaul, Bulldog Tight Ends Coach Grant Hill as well as multiple Division 1 offensive linemen. This camp is focused on technique, individual development and creating a dominate offensive line culture!

July 12 & 13

6 - 8 pm

Cost - $150

Edmond North Youth Football Camps

Edmond North Offensive Skills Camp

Campers going into grades 5th through 8th are coached by the Edmond North Coaches. This camp is focused on offensive skills, techniques and individual development.

June 13 - June 15

8 - 10:30 am

Cost - $100

Edmond North Offensive Lineman Camp

Campers going into grades 5th through 8th are coached by the Edmond North Coaches. This camp is focused on offensive line techniques and individual development.

June 13 - June 15

8 - 10:30 am

Cost - $100

Edmond North Middle School Summer Pride

Campers going into grades 6th through 8th receive speed, strength and agility training. This camp is run by Oklahoma Performance Course at the North Stadium.

June 6 - 30/July 11 - 28

9 - 10:30 am

Cost - $150

Performance Course

Individual Speed, Strength and Agility Training

June & July

Monday - Thursday

Cost - $150 (4 days)

Cost - $125 (3 days)

Cost - $100 (2 days)

See website for exact days & times