Q. What is Edmond Youth Football Association?

​Edmond Youth Football Association is a not for profit organization. EYFA purpose is to develop "Count on Me" individuals in the Edmond Community. EYFA mission is to use athletics to promote education, health awareness, self-confidence, and teamwork. We are dedicated to providing quality instruction, coaching, and competition in a fun and safe environment.

Q.  Who runs this organization?

​EYFA is led by a group of individuals from the Edmond Community that understands our vision and purpose. They are passionate about helping our community strive to be the best. They are volunteer Board Representatives of EYFA and together they make decisions that reflect what is best for the EYFA. You can see our Board Members by clicking here.

Q: How is EYFA different from other football associations in Edmond?

EYFA is actually the only true football association in Edmond. Through our association coaches have equal access to resources which put progress in front of profits. Our resources include not only equipment but coaching resources as well.

Q: Is EYFA affiliated with Edmond Public Schools?

No. EYFA is not for profit organization with an independent board. However, our mission is to improve football in Edmond (1st-12th grade) and so yes we do strive to collaborate with the high school football coaches.

Q. Why do you have an organization like this?

​We understand that our competitors in Tulsa (Union, Jenks, BA) have been running their youth programs like this for years. It has created quite an advantage for that side of the state. Union or Jenks has won the last 16 State Championships! EYFA understands we are behind and need to catch up.

Q. What age groups can play?

​The INFC is organized by grade.  1st and 2nd graders play in the Mighty Mites division.  EYFA has individual teams for 3rd-6th grade.

Q:  When and where are games played?

​Games in the INFC are played on Saturdays.  All home games will be played at one of the 3 state of the art high school stadiums.

Q.  Will there be travel involved?

​Yes, there will be travel involved for away games and the playoffs.  Travel locations may include the Tulsa area.

Q: Is the INFC league too competitive for my child who is a first year player?

Absolutely not! We have had many first year players. Good coaching and the teaching of proper fundamentals early is the key to creating an environment where kids will want to continue playing. It is very common for our coaches to collaborate and share best practices.

Q: Can I form a team using a different mascot other than a Bulldog, Husky or Wolf?

No. Our teams are formed using the school district lines so youth teams have an opportunity to grow their spirit for their future high school early.

Q: Are your coaches different than in other leagues?

Yes and No.

No. They are the same in that they are volunteer coaches.

Yes. They are different because all of our coaches are required to go through a Heads Up certification through USA football. Coaches are required to recertify through USA Football every year. Our coaches also collaborate best practices with one another and also receive some guidance from the high school coaches.

Q. What Edmond team will I play for?

​If there are enough players for multiple teams in a grade, a mandatory draft is required and overseen by the INFC officals.  Regardless of previous team assignments, teams are not guaranteed until after the draft that takes place in July. 

Q.  What is the cost to play and what other expenses will be required?  

The INFC registration fee is $150 if paid for by June 10th.  Uniforms will be an additional cost with more info to come. Each player is required to purchase a helmet, cleats, shoulder pads, mouth piece, practice jersey and practice pants. We have shoulder pads and helmets that are available to rent.  

Q. My son really wants to play but I do not think that I can afford it.

EYFA provides scholarships for those who qualify for financial assistance.  Contact us for more information and a scholarship application. EYFA has a limited number of scholarships available and are provided based on need.  Apply early!

Q.  When and where will by son practice?

Every team sets their own practice days, time and location.  Your head coach will contact you and let you know the specifics.  Most teams typically practice 2-3 days per week.


Q. How long is the season?  

Practices start near July 31st.  We have preseason scrimmages followed by 9 regular season games that typically end near the last week of October.  Teams who qualify will play in a postseason tournament. The championship game is held near the 2nd weekend of November.  

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